Morvish is active in packing a variety of products and seafood and exporting them to neighboring and European countries in the largest fishing port in Iran, Deir port, which is located in the south of Bushehr province.


Kinds of Fish

Fish is an important food that people depend on and beneficial to health, because of its great benefits and many elements that the body needs, fortunately, fish is available widely all over the world, especially in Iran. Due to the existence of two large seas in northern and southern Iran, in addition to the presence of many fish farming sites in different cities, the meat of these organisms is an excellent source, rich in proteins, vitamins, and fatty acids in Iran.

Kinds of Shrimps

Shrimp is a type of aquatic crustacean found in most of the world’s waters, including both salt and freshwater. Shrimp is a beneficial food source for the human body because shrimp is rich in essential minerals, especially iron and phosphorous, which are essential for the growth of children and the health of pregnant women. This food contains large amounts of vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium, proteins, unsaturated fats, and iron, so it provides us with a complete set of vitamins.

Why Morvish?

Suitable Prices

Morvish Company is located at the largest fishing port in Iran, which reduces costs and the final price of the product, so this company was able to offer high quality products at competitive prices to its customers in the world.

Awesome record

Morvish Company, with its strong management staff, and the matter of great importance is that fishermen work directly with this company, so this company is considered one of the successful suppliers of fish and shrimp species to the global markets, especially to the Arab countries bordering the Gulf.

Customer Satisfaction

The goal of the company is the confidence of customers that can be provided to it by meeting consumers’ demands, improving quality, and offering appropriate prices.

Appropriate quality

One of the most important quality criteria for our customers when buying marine products is that these products are fresh, and we were able at Morvish Company to provide our customers with fresh and high-quality products due to our proximity to sources and fish breeding centers.

Sales Department

Dear customers, Morvish sales staff are highly experienced, trained and are present to answer all your questions and inquiries.


Morvish company is ready to answer your questions and inquiries 24 hours a day.


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