Fish Kinds:

Southern fish species:

Due to the availability of various types of marine products in Bushehr province, Morvish Company took advantage of these opportunities and became the main supplier of these products in the global markets, especially the Arab countries bordering the Gulf.


 Types of fish offered by this group:

Spotted Grouper, Jack Pomfret, Sardine, Indian Mackerel, Narrow Barred Spanish, Grunts, Emperor, Porgy, Basa, Cobina, Gooseberry, Bayfish, Tuna

Spotted Grouper Fish

Jack Pomfret Fish

Sardine Fish

Grunt Fish

Indian Mackerel Fish

Narrow Barred Spanish

Polynemidae Fish

Grunt Fish

Emperor Fish

Porgy Fish

Basa Fish

Cobia Fish

Gooseberry Fish


Tuna Fish